About John Armstrong-Millar

I’m an Irish Photographer living in South West France. I shoot Food, People, Travel and Weddings both here in France and across Europe

I moved here in South West France from London in 2005 with my wife Ali and my 2 kids Hamish & Freya

…it’s been an adventure:

Having spent from 2006-2009 shooting Travel and editorial images which took me to all over Europe, the Caribbean and South America. I thought it would be nicer to spend more time with my family

So in 2009 I teamed up with a few wedding planners here in France, and the rest as they say is history. Each year I have worked with new people, different venues, different parts of France and often farther afield

Drawing on my experience of producing  images for magazines and agencies, I shoot in a fresh documentary style which really gets to the “heart of the day”

The wonderful Château weddings that are staged (that’s the only word for it) in South West France from May to Sep every year are a truly magical backdrop for my photography.

The wonderful thing for me is that they are just around the corner.. Couples come thousands of miles to France to get married and I just have to pop around the corner. That always makes me smile..

In order to keep everything “Fresh” I limit the amount of weddings I do each year  as I want each wedding to be special and unique

I get asked to shoot a great range of events in South West France and Provence every year.. From enormous budget affairs to small intimate private weddings. With the beautiful countryside as a backdrop and the wonderful food and wine it’s all about “Living the Dream”..

It’s a perfect combination as it leaves me free in the winter to shoot my artistic and Travel projects
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 John Armstrong-Millar




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